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Yamacha - Ichinogen (30g), Kamairi - Traditional Tea Roasting Technique

Place of Origin: Ishikawauchi Koyu Gun Kijō-chō, Miyazaki, Japan

Tea production: Gokase Midori Seicha

Harvest Period: September 2021 to March 2022


The tea leaves sometimes contain whitish matter, which is dried and crushed fragments of the tea leaf stems. Since the stem part delivers an intense sweetness, Yamacha dares to retain it in the tea.

2022 Ishikawauchi Ichinogen Tea Leaves

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  • 1. Put about 5g (about 2 teaspoons) of tea leaves per cup in a teapot.

    The amount of tea leaves is for reference only. Please adjust the amount to your liking.

    2. Pour boiling water.

    3. Steep for about 2 minutes and enjoy the tea at your desired concentration.

    *Steeping time varies depending on the region of origin.

    *Please adjust the amount of tea leaves to your liking.

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