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Yamacha Season of 2022 - Ichinogen

Two Harvest Areas in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

The Two Harvest Areas

上渡川 -Kamidogawa

A cedar forest rises straight up a tributary of the Dogawa River in the Omaru River system. Fifty years ago, this was a beautiful place of rice terraces. As depopulation has increased, afforestation projects have been replaced by rice cultivation. The stone walls, remnants of rice terraces, can still be seen in the mountains.
The fruits of the tea plants grow wildly in the cedar forests and tumble into the valley, leading into tea tree clusters along the tributary rivers. The tea trees grow naturally, untouched by human beings, and the tallest ones are over 3 meters.

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Ishikawauchi, with a mixture of thickets and cedars in many forests, is located upstream of the Omaru River. Yamacha from here, situated further into the mountains, where the last villager settlement is discovered. Small valleys are formed by tributaries flowing into the mainstream of the Omaru River, where Yamacha grows wildly along these valleys.

石河内 -Ishikawauchi-

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